Systems CCTV

It is almost essential part of any integrated security system. The composition of this solution consists – the camera, device receiving video, as well as various kinds of software for managing the entire system.


The perfect way to protect company, offices or private homes. Monitoring is not to increase safety but also often improve the functioning of the company, leading to higher profits. The installation of monitoring reduces the cost of the insurance object.


Access control systems

The system is based on a combination of appropriate devices, aimed at identifying the person. It is a system that works not only in large Corporation but also during mass events and even car parks.

Systems intruder alarm

The system chich is dedicated to inform about the presence of an uninvited guest. Not only indicates a problem but also calls on the appropriate authorities to intervene. It includes, among other things, control panels and various types of detectors.


Intercom and video intercom systems

Intercom and video intercom system provides additional security for the entrance to the facility or building. They are used not only in large installations on closed housing estates but also in small companies or single-family homes.

Perimeter Protection Systems

An excellent solution aimed at increasing the level of security. The system is based on the combined action of devices deployed in different locations of the protected object.


Systems external protection

The system whose task is to detect unwanted guest before he can show up close to the protected object. Its components are installed underground, on the fence or in the walls of the building.

Anti-theft systems

Numerous solutions designed to protect against theft. Numerous clips and tags inform the security staff of the unwanted behavior.


Paging Systems

The system allows to protect the health and safety of hospital patients, residents of nursing homes or SPA customers. They can be installed in any place. With one button You get appropriate support.

Fire Alarm Systems

This solution which works not only in public administration but also in private buildings. The system – by initiating the alarm – automatically notifies the fire brigade or takes other action to reduce the effects of fire.


Integrated Systems

The system which is dedicated to integrate all infrastructure elements responsible for the safety of the building or even the entire complex. It provides full integration of all subsystems.


The system which is designed to protect specific devices lose power from the grid, which could lead to work stoppages. The primary function of the emergency supply system is to provide access to power failure during the primary energy source.

Each implementation is measured on an individual basis. Please contact us!