About us

Eureka Soft- & Hardware company is present on Polish market for over 25 years. In the 90s of the last century it was one of the leading and most recognized distributors of hardware and software for the Amiga computers. Currently the company is highly specialized in the sale and installation of video and IT systems. The offer is dedicated to: local governments, private companies, as well as schools and universities. One of the most prestigous implementation by Eureka Soft- & Hardware was a monitoring system for the Poznan University of Technology. Each order is executed by an experienced assembly team. During the implementation the company uses the most modern technology of very well-know brands, such as

Eureka Soft- & Hardware employees actively participate in meetings and training industry, expanding their knowledge and skills in the field of electronic security. The company implentation enables effective analysis of these events and behaviors which are responsible for the losses and organizational problems, and above all increses security. Eureka Soft- & Hardware also provides its services as a subcontractor for general contractors, among others, such as Skanska, or BUDIMEX.

The company has a license of the Ministry of Interior for the installation of technical security of property and people. Its employees are Licensed Security Technical Employees. The offer also contains warranty service with a very short response time for the installed by company security systems.

Eureka Soft- & Hardware Clients are:

  • Poznan University of Technology,
  • Municipality of Strzałkowo,
  • Municipality of Wrzesnia,
  • Multidiscipinary City Hospital in Poznan,
  • Tax Office in Wrzesnia
  • Września County,
  • Main Building Supervision Inspectorate in Wrzesnia,
  • Secondary School No. 1 in Września.